Our Interview on Auckland Fair website.


Sheepy Chill is a NZ-designed store providing artistic works on quality products. They began with the concept of “scarf as an accessory”. The unique creations and designs aim to match everyday lifestyle.

What do you love most about what you do, and what challenges have you had along the way?:   We turn our passion into design incorporating vibrant tones of digital printing. We promote sustainable products, as the environmental consumption of digital printing is less than traditional screen or rotary printing. Plus, with the concept of ”many in one item”, we would like to show that the scarf is actually a great accessory when you can use it in different ways, which is what we always try to achieve with our designs. Our products also aim to match everyday lifestyle, as our slogan goes: ” Let your lifestyle be inspired by Sheepy Chill.”

How has your work evolved since you started?:   We have had good feedback from our customers, which led us to develop and expand our range so as to attract customers who were less interested in scarves. Two ranges that are already doing really well are cushions and tote bags.

Describe your creative space and tell us what inspires you about this space?:   Our ideas are born anywhere, with the designs inspired by culture and lifestyles. As an example, our first collection was inspired by the many beautiful spots on One Tree Hill and surrounding Cornwall Park – it’s where we fell in love with NZ nature and sheep, as well as how laid-back a Kiwi’s lifestyle is, thus the adjective “chill.”

What can people expect to see from you on the day?:   We will bring our full range of products such as cushions, tote bags, scarves, greeting cards and art prints, including our latest collection of scarves. There will be a promotion and a raffle for customers.

What is the best piece of advice you have gotten?:   “There is no reason not to follow your heart” – Steve Jobs

Sheepy Chill started from our passion and we do what we love. Although it is critical to take the steps necessary to turn our idea into a reality, we believe that doing things with heart will ultimately bring out both the best in us and the best experience for the customer. We both not only care deeply about the design and the quality of the products, but have a passion for the underlying principles that Sheepy Chill was founded on: growth, success, and the love of beauty and design.