About Us

Our Team

Ying Somumchan
Co – Founder and Director

 Ying is currently a Process Improvement Engineer, having completed of her Master of Engineering Management Degree from the University of Auckland. Ying aspires to become a successful entrepreneur. She has always been passionate about the arts and design, with numerous creative ideas just surfacing in her mind. Furthermore, she is into freelance photography, and has been doing this hobby for more than 10 years now. Naturally, all the photos in this website have been dedicatedly taken by her!  With her dream of becoming big, she co-founded Sheepy Chill with only one thing in her mind -- SUCCESS

Saro Kamutsri
Co – Founder and Designer

 Saro graduated with a degree in Packaging Technology, Thailand.  In 2008, Asian Packaging Federation (APF) announced her as a winner for Packaging Design Excellence in Asia Star 2008, which was organised by the Asian Packaging Federation in Tokyo, Japan.  She hones her design and illustration skills through constant practice. Her passion for design and creativity just never stops. She would like to further broaden her academic design skills by dedicating herself to a Master of Design course at the Auckland University of Technology, where she has completed her master degree.