Our design process begins with finding sources of inspiration. Most of our products are inspired by New Zealand’s rich culture and vibrant nature. This design is no different, the intricate lines and details within each concept is drawn from the beauty of New Zealand’s natural wilderness.

Our products are based around ideals of bold and vivid imagery, with a flare of originality. We aim to design vibrant products that will stand out, whilst also complementing any home.


Pictured above is our designer, Saro at a local Café, working on new concepts over a delicious cup of coffee. Inspiration can strike in places that you least expect, and Saro is always open and ready to explore new ideas.


Inspiration also comes from our weekly team meetings. Pictured above are Saro and our interns working hard on improving existing concepts, while also sharing thoughts for new designs.


All of our designs begin with concept sketches. Pictured above is Saro drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and bold colourings of a flower. New ideas can also grow from reinterpreting abstract lines and interesting colour combinations.



To be continued…